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PETROLAND FOR OILFIELDS & GAS SERVICES & AGENCIES was established in 2007 to provide Oil & Gas solutions to companies based in Yemen. We are the company who specialize in petroleum, oil and gas sectors supported with well trained, skilled and experienced staffs which make safety and quality as their highest priority.


PETROLAND is widely recognized for employing seasoned, highly trained personnel with years of experience. Our project supervisors and other senior managers average more than 25 years working in the Arabian Gulf countries.


PETROLAND has provided A-Z services to the oil and gas facilities such as supply of the equipment, drilling fluid/mud supplies, the engineering & construction works for the relevant Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Jobs, Flow Metering and Instrumentation to include Site Preparations, Fabrication, Commissioning, Training, Repair and Maintenance with our partners.


Our focus is to leverage the knowledge to better understand and anticipate of the customer's requirement with thorough attention to each aspect of planning, then to assure satisfaction of the customer and provide better solutions that address the value drivers of their business success.


For over 5 years, PETROLAND has been involving in petroleum, chemicals, oil and gas projects with excellent track record hence the customer can rely on us.


Within Yemen, PETROLAND is focused on the services of oil and gas-based industries and other energy, chemicals related in partnership with international suppliers capturing the value chain in the oil & gas sector, petrochemicals. PETROLAND’s portfolio of investments includes Exploration & Production Services and related drilling services, Infrastructure & Shipping, Refining services & Marketing, Aluminum, & Power.


Through development & participation in various projects, PETROLAND continues to pursue the future which creates more jobs and investment opportunities directly from the projects themselves as well as the many ancillary projects that will be needed and support and follow from these investments. Outside Yemen, PETROLAND is actively seeking joint partners in Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somaliland, and Djibouti



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