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ARI Armaturen

You can expect a quick, competent advice from one partner - whether you need butterfly valves or globe valves, if you demand control valves or safety valves, if you require strainers or check valves and new steam traps.


Take benefit from ARI's widespread valve concept - 10,000 products which are exactly in tune with each other - in more than 100,000 variants.


Battioni Pagani Pompe


Battioni Pagani Pompe SpA has a successful history for more than 50 years. From a humble beginning in a small plant in 1953, it has grown into a company with products of international repute. From as early as 1964, Battioni Pagani pumps made their foray into the international markets. A leading manufacturer of Vacuum Rotary blades pumps - Vacuum rotary blades pumps with water-cooling system - Rotary Lobes pumps and centrifugal pumps - Fittings


CIS Inspection Services


Commodity Inspection Services BV, established in 1989 and run by a committed team of experienced executives, offer you a wide range of quality and quantity inspections, technical & consulting services. CIS BV are represented in more than 75 countries.




Oil Filtration - Particle, Varnish & Water Removal


The key to reliable machinery is clean oil, and CJC™ is the leading specialist world-wide on achieving clean oil. C.C.JENSEN A/S designs and manufactures CJC™ Oil Filtration Systems for removal of particles, varnish and water from oil and other fluids


Dklok – DK Tech Corporation


DK Tech process control and instrumentation fittings, valves, manifolds, and flexible hoses are suitable for oil and gas exploration, offshore and onshore platforms. DK Tech's valves and fittings provide excellent service in safety instrumented systems, wellhead control panel, emergency shutdown where compressed air or natural gas is most available utilities.



The origins of ELAFLEX date back to 1923. The company developed from a technical distributor to the Navy and shipyards to an internationally leading specialist in refueling. ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH with its profit centers SAT (hose and fittings department), and ERV (expansion joints department) supplies hose assemblies, rubber expansion joints and fittings for suction and discharge of fuels, chemical products and other liquids.


ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH is a leading manufacturer supplying aircraft refueling hoses and Rubber Expansion Joints throughout the world.




FLUKE Corporation is an international organization, providing electronic test tools to customers throughout the world. Our products like Digital Multimeters, Electrical Testers, Clamp Meters, Installation Tester, Digital Thermometers, Power Quality Tools, Scope Meters, Process Calibrators, Carbon Monoxide Gas Measurement equipment & Accessories.



Is a leader in Low Frequency Passive Seismic Spectroscopy, applied to detect and monitor Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in exploration areas and developed fields, based on the GeoDynamics Research Patented Technology? -The evolution of Passive Seismic Spectroscopy at Low Frequency started in 1995; the GeoDynamics Research group was founded in 2003 with the Research and Development Center in Italy.


GeoDynamics Research S.r.l. –Italy In cooperation with Oil Companies, Physics and Earth Science departments of various universities is the center of the scientific research and development of Passive Seismic Technologies applied in the Oil and Gas Industry.


Today Geodynamics Research is operating worldwide. GeoDynamics Research is the one which operates regarding all the:


  • Passive Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Passive Seismic Data Processing
  • Analysis and Interpretation
  • Research & Development



Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd


Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited is the largest manufacturer and Supplier of Oil Field and mud Chemicals and other Specialty chemicals for the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industry. The Company based in INDIA with its State of the art Equipment and R&D facilities, manufactures a range of specialty chemicals as per customer requirements. Please find below a list of some of the chemical being manufactured by us presently 1. Drilling Thinners 2. Shale Stabilizers 3. Fluid Loss Controller Additives 4. High Temperature Fluid Loss Controllers 5. Drilling Mud Surfactant 6. Drilling Mud Defoamers 7. Drilling Mud Lubricants 8. Drilling Polymers 9. Viscosity Extenders 10. Gilsonite 11. Dispersants and Deflocculates 12. Drilling Mud Detergents 13. Drilling Polymers 14. Viscofiers 15. Pour Point reducers 16. Emulsifiers 17. Corrosion Inhibitors 18. Wide Range of Commercial Chemicals Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals


GN Solids


Tangshan Guanneng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Brand Name: GN Solids Control ) Is a China  API & ISO Certified manufacturer specializing  in complete line equipment & shaker screens and mud solids control & waste management, mud cleaner, centrifuge, mud tank, pumps, etc)


Italia Overseas – International Freight Forwarders



Established in 1988, during these years Italia Overseas s.r.l has created and focused services for customer which aim to receive a tailor-made assistance. For instance, major importers and exporters of heart valves and high-tech products have chosen Italia Overseas. Today our services are available in the most important Italian and European cities and a world-wide network of agents


Kaeser Compressors

Kukdong Hoist Co. Ltd


KUKDONG CO., LTD. is established in 1983 as a leading manufacturer of Electric Chain Hoist, Chain Block and Crane that in the core of Material Handling Equipment...





Nivelco manufactures a range of level monitoring equipments ranging from high accuracy ultrasonic level metering technology, change in capacitance type level measurement, cable float switches, magnetic type side and top mount level switches, displacement technology level switches.




Since 1982, OFI Testing Equipment has provided testing instruments and reagents for the drilling fluids, cementing, and wastewater industries. As an independent manufacturer, OFITE has just one sales priority, our customers. We can prove this by offering the quickest response times for new orders, the most extensive repair services, and custom-designed equipment. Worldwide supplier of testing equipment, engineering services, lab housing, reagents, supplies, and repair. OFITE offers a wide variety of products for use in field and lab testing drilling fluids. From multi-unit HTHP filter presses to our one-of-a-kind Dynamic Linear Swell Meter, our drilling fluid product line is top notch. We know when laboratory data is requested that it is frequently urgent and in many cases was needed "yesterday". When designing our laboratory equipment the "urgent factor" is taken into consideration. You can depend on our laboratory instruments to generate the information you need when you need it. OFITE is very active in the American Petroleum Institute. Our products are routinely used in determining the testing procedures that we all use in analyzing drilling fluids and cement. We are currently active members in the work and task groups for Sub Committee 13 and Spec 10. OFI Testing Equipment has been a very active participant for the last 10 years in improving the standards for field and laboratory testing in the oilfield


Petroland Turkey


Petroland designs and manufactures high quality gear pumps with experience from industrial fluid handling and pump manufacture for 20 years. Petroland operates on a wide scale, serving customers worldwide and providing its products to a large variety of industrial sectors.


TOS, A.S Czech


Develops tradition of manufacturing of working machines launched 152 year ago by Mr. Jockl, further Mr. Kameníček, Podhajský and Volman and successfully developed by companies TOS Hostivař, CETOS and TOS Čelákovice.


After relocation we are established in modern plant in Čelákovice. The development and manufacturing of working machines under trademark TOS continues and the machines are successfully supplied throughout the world.




TRENS SK, the Joint Stock Company, has been the biggest producer of machine tools in Slovakia and ranks among the most important ones in Central Europe. Trenčín, the ancient town which has become the industrial business and culture-historical centre of Central Považie region...




TUBOS REUNIDOS, S.A. a company founded in 1892, is at the head of a Group made up by 9 companies involved in different areas industry. The most important groups of products are: Pipes as per DIN, ASTM, AFNOR, API, B.S, UNI, & Oil & Gas drilling pipes (O.C.T.G) according to API 5CT & Pipe for use in mechanics as per DIN 1629, ISO 2938



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